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Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to participate in any or all ASL tournaments (or 'tourneys') taking place in the UK.

ASL—Advanced Squad Leader—is generally acknowledged as the finest board wargame depicting Second World War tactical combat, and is published by Hasbro/Multiman Publishing (MMP). 

There are three established ASL tourneys—“Heroes”, which takes place in Blackpool in the Spring, "Double One" in Chelmsford mid-year and “Intensive Fire” in Bournemouth in the Autumn.

Typically our tournaments attract 20-50 players. Although the focus of the tournaments is competitive play, there is also plenty of opportunity for friendly match-ups, campaign games, play-testing or other ASL-related activity.

Upcoming UK Competitions

Intensive Fire Tournament

Intensive Fire

24-27 October, 2013

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Heroes Tournament


6-9 March, 2014

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Double One Tournament

Double One

27-29 June, 2014

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Latest News

Double One 2013 results

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