Tournament Rules

Individual Tournament Winner

The winner of Heroes will be the last undefeated player within the tournament.  This is judged on a round by round basis, so all players are considered to win or lose their game simultaneously at the end of any individual round.  The scope for one or more undefeated players remaining late into the tournament is partly determined by the total number of participants.

If there are still two or more undefeated players remaining at the commencement of round five, the two best players will be matched up in a tournament final.  The allocation of the ‘best’ players to the final will be determined, for this purpose, by comparing the cumulative ladder points totals of all defeated opponents.  The players with the two highest cumulative scores will be placed in the final.

If, prior to the fifth round, all previously undefeated players are all beaten in the same round, the winner shall again be decided by the highest combined total of beaten opponents’ ladder ratings.

Prizes will be awarded for first and second places.  The tournament winner will be awarded first prize.  Second prize will be awarded to either the player beaten in the final or, if there is no final, the second last undefeated player (with ties broken using the above principles).

In addition to the main prizes there will also be the following:

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