Tournament Rules

No Kibbitzing

All tournament games are competitive in nature, and therefore there should be no comments from observers which could potentially impact on any game in play. This is commonly termed ‘Kibbitzing’ and includes, but is not limited to, comments on tactics, rules interpretations, style of play or missed opportunities.

The ‘No Kibbitzing’ rule is a firmly established principle; one which is at the heart of the British ASL community's approach to play. Please respect the rights of all players to play their own games without interference.

There are no restrictions on discussion of tactics or approaches to a scenario in advance of games. This is not considered to be Kibbitzing, as the game is not yet in play. However, there should be no comments from other players who have prepared together about the implementation of tactics or plans once play of a scenario is underway.

In extreme cases, players who deliberately flout the ‘No Kibbitzing’ rules may be suspended or excluded from tournament play.

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