Tournament Rules


Heroes is a ‘Swiss style’ individual tournament played over five rounds. Players are matched up on a round by round basis with other players with the same tournament record (i.e. win-loss record) to that point.  The winner is the last undefeated player.

A division of players for initial pairings for the first round of play will be organised by the Tournament Directors prior to the start of play.  All players present will be listed in order of their current UK ladder rating <hyperlink> and the players from the top half of the list will be placed in one section and those from the lower half in another.  Players will then be invited to match up, with each player from the higher section playing one from the lower section.

It is recognised that not all players can be present for the start of play.  A ‘catch-up’ scenario is available for those arriving later in the day and is mandatory for any match commencing 11:00 onwards.  This is deliberately chosen as a quick play scenario that can be completed in a short time.  Players arriving after the initial pairings are made will be matched up in order of arrival.

For the second and all subsequent round players are placed into ‘pools’ reflecting their tournament win-loss record to that point.  Players are then free to match up against any other player within the same pool (although, generally, players should avoid playing each other more than once within the tournament).  The Tournament Directors will intervene in the pairing of players only as required.  Players are encouraged to match-up as soon as practically possible, to ensure that tournament play is not held up unnecessarily.

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