Tournament Rules

Set-up Guidelines

Scenarios are carefully chosen to ensure there is sufficient time to finish games within the specified time. It is important that play gets underway within a reasonable amount of time, to ensure that games can be completed within the time allocated. Players are expected to have completed defensive set-up within 30 minutes of the start time for the round, and the scenario attacker is expected to be ready to commence play within 15 minutes of the defender completing set-up. Players flouting these guidelines may forfeit the game, in the event that it is uncompleted by the finishing time for the round.

Players are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with scenarios that they intend to play in advance of the tournament. The list of scenarios featured in the tournament is posted on the website well in advance of the tournament.

It is suggested that players prepare the relevant counters for the orders of battle for the scenarios they intend to play and prepare defensive set-ups in advance of the tournament. Players are strongly discouraged from playing scenarios where a complex defensive set-up is required (e.g. involving fortifications) unless they have prepared their set-up in advance.

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