Tournament Rules

Unfinished Games

Players are expected to play at a reasonable pace, to ensure that games are completed within the appointed time. Where a game is unfinished at the end of a tournament round, players will be asked to agree a fair result between them and designate a winner for tournament purposes. In all circumstances, players are expected to apply reasonableness and common-sense to agreeing the outcome – gamesmanship and refusal to agree a result for tournament scoring purposes are entirely inappropriate and against the spirit of Heroes.

In the event that an agreed outcome cannot be reached, then the result will be that the scenario is considered to be a loss for both players for tournament purposes, with neither player receiving points for the game.

The only exception to this will be where one player has spent an excessive amount of time on set-up. If the tournament directors have been made aware of the fact of slow set-up at the time, they may, at their discretion, award the game to the opponent if this is considered to be the sole reason for the game not being completed on time.

Players can elect to finish the game for the award of ladder points, providing that this is done during the tournament weekend and in the players’ own time (and without impacting on tournament timings). Otherwise, ladder points will not be awarded for unfinished games.

Note that experience has shown that this system works well by giving players an incentive to finish their game, rather than relying on a potentially subjective independent adjudication. It also gives a clear message that excessive slow play is inappropriate in a tournament situation.

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