Tournament Rules

Fireteam Competition

Each Fireteam will be matched against another Fireteam from the same division in each round of competition.  In the first round, match-ups will be determined randomly.  In subsequent rounds, Fireteams will be matched at the start of each round based on the number of points scored within the tournament to that stage.  This will generally be based on the two highest scoring teams playing each other, then the next two highest scoring teams and so on.  However, no Fireteam will play another Fireteam more than once, so the draw may need to be adjusted to avoid this.  All adjustments will be at the Tournament Directors’ discretion.

For each Fireteam game, the winner is awarded three points, while the defeated player does not score.  Points are only awarded for unfinished games if a ‘winner’ can be agreed between the players or between the Fireteams. Fireteam tournament placements are based on the cumulative score from all games involving Fireteam players.

The Fireteam with the highest cumulative number of points from three rounds of play will be declared the tournament winners. All other placings will then be based on descending scores. Any ties will be decided by using the combined ladder scores of all defeated opponents from all rounds of competition. 

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