Tournament Rules


Intensive Fire is a ‘Fireteam’ competition played over three rounds.  Each Fireteam comprises three players, and will be matched against different Fireteams in each of the three rounds of competition. 

The Fireteams will be formed prior to the commencement of competition.  All participating players will firstly be placed into one of two divisions – the ‘Elite’ and ‘First Line’ divisions – based on current UK ladder ranking.  New players will normally be placed in the First Line division, unless otherwise agreed with the Tournament Directors.    Players will then be placed into ‘bands’ within each division – upper, middle, and lower bands – also based on current ranking.  One player from each of the three bands will then be randomly allocated to each Fireteam.

The highest ranked player in each Fireteam will be designated the Fireteam leader. The Fireteam leader will be responsible for co-ordinating the team and for agreeing the match-up of players against other Fireteams. 

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