Tournament Rules

Scenario Selection and Choice of Sides

All players are expected to play one of a choice of three scenarios in each round.  The scenario choices are listed on the website in advance of each tournament.

Players, once paired up for the tournament round, can choose the scenario to be played either by mutual agreement or using the selection method set out below.

To select a scenario for play each player should secretly choose two of the three scenarios they wish to play, also indicating the order of preference.  Each player will effectively exclude one scenario from play. 

If players choose to exclude different scenarios then they will end up playing the remaining scenario.  If they both choose to exclude the same scenario then the order of preference is compared.  If they both prefer the same remaining scenario, then that is the one that will be played.  If they prefer different scenarios then the choice will be made on the roll of dice. 

Once a scenario has been selected players must then decide how they will assign sides.  This can be decided by each player secretly bidding to play one side or the other. If the players choose opposite sides then players take the respective chosen side.  If they choose the same side then, again, the final allocation is based on the roll of dice.  In this event, the player who does not get their selected side is given the scenario balance, unless players agree in advance that balance will not be used. Alternatively the choice of sides can, again, be agreed by mutual consent. 

Players are expected to play one of the three scenarios selected for the relevant round (or the catch-up scenario for round one, if appropriate).


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