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Sunday 30th June, 2013

Double One 2013 Results:

Group A: Sam Prior
Group B: Dave Ramsey
Group C: Gordon Jupp
Group D: Dave Blackwood
Group E: Ian Morris
Group F: Malcollm Hatfield
Group G: Mick Allen

Special Award (furthest travelled): Indy Lagu
Special Award (most attended with no prizes): Nick Ranson

Friday Mini-Tournament winners:
Bushtucker: Dominic McGrath
Back to Back in Black: Dave Ramsey; Nigel Blair
Flame On: Martin Myers; Pete Phillips; Håkan Isaksson

Sunday 24th June, 2012

Double One 2012 Results:

Group A: Martin Mayers
Group B: Miles Wiehahn
Group C: Simon Staniforth
Group D: Gordon Jupp

Special Award (furthest travelled for a losing streak): Indy Lagu

Snake-Eyes Champion: Nigel Blair
Boxcars Champion: Mick Essex

Friday Mini-Tournament winners:
Back to Back in Black: Ian Pollard
Just Desserts: Andy Smith

Sunday 18th March, 2012

Heroes 2012 Results:

Tournament Champion: Craig Benn
Runner Up: Mark Blackmore
Wooden Spoon: Neil Brunger

Snake-Eyes Champion: Nick Ranson
Boxcars Champion: William Binns

Monday 31st October 2011

Intensive Fire 2011 Results:

This years tournament was held in memory of Ian Daglish, who will be greatly missed by all of his friends and family.

Tournament Champion: Martin Mayers
Elite Division Winners: Dominic McGrath, Trevor Edwards and William Binns
First Division Winners: Mat Haas, Paul Legg and Brendan Clark

Sunday 26th June 2011

Double One 2011 Results:

Group A: Sam Prior
Group B: Gerard Burton
Group C: Ian Pollard
Group D: Wayne Baumber
Group E: Martin Barker
Group F: Stuart Brant

Monday 21st March 2011

Heroes 2011 Results:

Tournament Champion: George Tournemire
Runner Up: Craig Benn
Wooden Spoon: Steve Cook
Wooden Spoon Runner Up: Nick Ransom
Snake-Eyes: Mike Davies
Boxcars: Gerard Burton

Monday 17th January 2011

Heroes 2011 Scenarios now available:

The scenarios for the first tournament of the UK ASL season are available. Click here to view them.

Monday 1st November 2010

Intensive Fire 2010 Results:

After a hard fought weekend of gaming the results for this years Intensive Fire are as follows:

Tournament Champion: Dave Schofield
Elite Division Winners: Simon Croome, Tim Bunce and Derek Tocher
First Division Winners: Simon Taylor, Paul Legg and Paul Kettlewell
Guards Mini-Tournament winners: Gerard Burton and Dave Scholfield

Friday 20th August 2010

Charles S. Roberts dies:

The father of ASL has died due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 80. A news bulletin can be found at:,0,1072832.story?page=1

Sunday 27th June 2010

Double One Results 2010:

This years Double One tournament had a World Cup theme with players being randomly assigned to a Group (five in all). The winners of each group were:

Group A: Wayne Baumber
Group B: Martin Barker
Group C: Ian Pollard
Group D: Paul Hesler
Group G: Dave Ramsey.

Thursday 5th November 15:00

Intensive Fire Results 2009:

Tournament Champion: Mark Blackmore
Elite Division Winners: Dave Schofield, Phil Draper and Sam Prior
First Division Winners: Jackson Keddell, Wayne Baumber and Gerard Burton.

Saturday 17th October 11.30

Double One 2010 details available:

The London ASL tournament is back with a new venue and dates for 2010. Details can be found on the Double One page of this site.

Tuesday 18th August 18:20

Intensive Fire 2009 Scenarios posted:

The scenarios for Intensive Fire 2009 can be found on the IF Scenarios page of this site.

Thursday 3rd June 11:00

NorthWest Fest announced:

In memorium of DOUBLE ONE 2009's cancellation the Liverpool Wargames Asspciation will be holding the above competition on 14th June, 2009.

Monday 30th March 19:15

Heroes 2009 Results:

Tournament Champion: Dominic McGrath
Last Place: Damien Maher 
Snake-eyes Champion: Bill Sherliker
Boxcars Champion: Gerard Burton

Monday 30th March 19:00

Double One 2009 Cancelled:

Due to the current economic climate the decision has been made to cancel Double One 2009. The tournament should return in 2010.

Monday 2nd November 23:00

Intensive Fire 2008 Results:

Tournament Champion: Dominic McGrath
Elite Division Winners: Derek Tocher, Aaron Sibley and Brian Hooper
First Division Winners: Justin Key, Allard Koene and Paul Legg
Last Place: Ray Porter 

Wednesday 22nd September 20:00

The scenario and mini-tournament lists for Intensive Fire 2008 have now been posted on this site 

Sunday 22nd June 22:20

Double One Tournament Results:

Red Group Winner: Dominic McGrath
Blue Group Winner: Tom Jackson
Blue Group Undefeated Runners-Up: Mark Blackmore & Bill Sherliker
Green Group Winner: Ian Pollard Runner-Up Wayne Baumber